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Steps To Cut Split Ends


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Split ends in the hair can cause lot of problems if you don’t maintain it in a proper way. It is important to cut the split ends which can be done without going to a hair specialist. Make sure that you don’t cut the hair too much as it can spoil your look completely. Just use this process to remove the split ends by cutting the hair without getting any help.
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First mist the hair with water and brush it completely. Do not wet the hair too much as it can spoil the haircut and the hair must be slightly wet which will make it lie flat on your head. Then take the hair to create a ponytail and secure it using a ponytail holder at the base. Pull your hair on the shoulder to twist your ponytail and go through the hair to find out any split ends. You will have lighter hair color if you have a dark hair and thin on thick hair. The split ends can be normally seen near last inch of the hair. Use fingernail clippers to clip the hair where the split starts using your hand and make sure to keep the ends of your ponytail in place. Next brush your hair to take out the clippings and look for split ends to secure them off. After cutting the split ends in the hair make sure that your hair will lie completely flat without any stray hairs.
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