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Coloring Hair To Look Silver


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Having a silver hair can give a very different look and it can be achieved naturally when you grow old. If you want to get this look before to get a trendy look there are different silver hair colors available and it can be used with few simple styling tools. There are many things that must be followed while applying the color on the hair and try to avoid using the hair color on a wet hair as it can spoil your look.
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Start the styling with an unwashed hair and brush it fully to get rid of the tangles. Now take the hair coloring kit and mix it as per the directions mentioned on it as it normally varies from one brand to another. Then put a waste cloth around your shoulders and wear hand gloves. Next part the hair from the center and divide it as four parts. Start applying hair color around the scalp and try to massage gently using your fingers. Use the color over the roots of the hair as well as scalp with your fingers and do the same with the other parts of the hair. Leave the hair as per the time mentioned on the package and rinse the hair as usual till the water comes out clean from your hair. Then use a conditioner on the hair before rinsing it again with normal water. Now you can style the hair as per your desire.
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