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Crimping Layered Hair


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A crimped hairstyle can give a great look that can be worn by anyone to get a completely different look. In the same way a layered crimp hairstyle is a perfect choice for a business event. This hairstyle can be worn as different types such as an updo, bun and others. There are different ways you can crimp the hair and there is no need help from any hairstylist to do this. It is a simple and easy way to style the hair like this by following these procedures.
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As usual wash the hair before beginning the hairstyling and separate the hair as three parts using a normal comb. Make the part one in the middle and two on both the sides of the head. Make small layer from the hair on the top of the head and start crimping top middle part of the hair using the crimper from closest to your scalp towards the bottom of your hair. Try to slide your hair between two heated plates in your hair crimper to press along. Continue the crimping process by separating the hair layers from middle part. Now take one part of your hair from side sections with the same comb and separate larger part of the hair as smaller two inch layer. Do the crimping process on all the parts of your hair starting from top to end of the hair and then you can style the hair as per your desire.
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