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Simple Haircut


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There are different ways you can cut the hair to get a unique look, but most of the people will try to cut their hair to keep simple. It is important to trim your hair weekly to maintain it with the same way. There is no need to go to a barber to achieve this look as it can be done at home with few simple steps.
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First get hair clipper package that includes guide combs of various lengths and maintain short haircuts. Find a perfect place to cut the hair in a proper way and use your guide comb to check the length of your haircut. Use the guide comb on the hair and attach guide comb which matches perfectly to your clippers. Begin the haircut from hairline near your neck and start moving upwards. Brush through the hair whenever possible to prevent the clippers from getting clogged. After finishing the haircut, use clippers for trimming the hair around the ears. The clipper kits are available with special guide combs that have been designed cut the hair near your ears. You can also make the clippers to follow the natural hairline from one ear to another and also cut the hair at the back below your hairline. At last comb through your hair and use your trimming scissors for cutting this hair. Start the cutting process with the long hair and use oil on the hair clippers for keeping it smooth.
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