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Straightening Hair With Shiseido


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Shiseido is a hair straightening system that has been used in Japan for a long time. It is mainly used on the curly and wavy hair. The process of hair straightening with this tool is expected to take about 4-5 hours as per the thickness, type and length of your hair. It is a technique that is used to straighten your hair permanently and there is no need to straighten the hair for a one year after using this process. It is important to purchase the Shiseido product properly from online or going to a beauty store.
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To use the Shiseido straightening system, first wash the hair using a Shiseido shampoo and rinse it with cold water to avoid damage to the hair. Then condition your hair using a Shiseido conditioner before applying the Crystallizing Straight Cream throughout the hair. Next use a hood dryer on your hair for about half an hour and wash the hair as usual. Now use steam straightening iron for straightening the hair in sections beginning from bottom to top of the head. Use hair tie to keep the sections separately. Try to apply a Crystallizing Straight Cream and under the dryer again for about ten minutes. Then wash the hair and blow dry your hair using a standard blow dryer. At last apply a little amount of Shiseido Crystallizing Aquafix throughout the hair which will be helpful in keeping the hair straight for a long time.
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