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Hairstyle With Platinum White


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Having a hair in platinum white color can give a very amazing look. It can be achieved by using different types of hair coloring process and it can be done at home without going to a hairstylist. Most of the people would prefer to go to a saloon to achieve this look, but it can be much easier if you do it at home. Here is a simple method that can be helpful in changing the hair to look platinum white.
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Begin the coloring process after purchasing a volume developer and mix it with a bleach powder to make it creamy. Then comb the hair to divide it as one inch section to apply the mixture using a brush. Try to use it on the roots and saturate your hair with bleach mixture. Leave the hair with the mixture as per the time mentioned on the styling kit before rinsing the entire hair using warm water. You can also use a shampoo to wash the hair and try to condition it as usual. Make sure to leave the conditioner on the hair which will help to make it smooth. You can also use the bleach mixture on the hair if required after washing the hair to make it white. Try to apply toner on the hair from the root to end to make it saturate completely on the hair. At last wash the hair again with water using a shampoo and use a conditioner once more.
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