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Jjokjin Meori Hairstyle


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There are various Korean hairstyles that have been popular among many people. It is mostly found in some places in Korea and this hairstyle have been modified to give a new look. One of such style is the Jjokjin Meori hairstyle that is one of the classic way of styling the hair. To achieve this look try to get help from a hairstylist or a friend. This style can consume lot of time when compared to other traditional hairstyles. If you have any problem in creating this look, try to purchase a wig and place it on your head. Make sure to secure the wig in place with proper styling tools to maintain the hairstyle for a long time.
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In this hairstyle, there will be a long braid which will be doubled on the nape of your neck to create a chignon. In the earlier days, this hairstyle was mainly worn by noblewomen as well as commoners alike. This hairstyle was mainly worn by married women to look completely traditional. To create this hairstyle you must part the hair and keep it down over the front section of the hair. Then you must tie the hair to create a hair into a chignon over the back of the neck. It can give a beautiful look when matched with a proper dress. This style is one of the most important part in the Korean culture which is also matched with a perfect outfit.
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