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Using Texturizer To Straigthen Hair


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Hair texturizer is a perfect choice to make the hair smooth and reduce the frizz in it. It is mainly used on the hair that is curly to make it straight and manageable. Most of the people will try to treat the curly hair by going to a hair specialist, but it can be made straight by just using the hair texturizer. The texturizer can be used at home to create a straighter hair only and for other hairstyle go to a hairstylist.
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Before starting the process, first wear hand gloves and begin it from nape of the neck. Try to use the texturizing cream around your hairline from nape of the neck and behind the ears as well as around the face. Take a wide tooth comb in your hand to brush the cream all over the hair starting from top to bottom. Make sure to add large amount of cream on the hair and try to spread it evenly throughout the hair. To make the hair straight, place the hair on a flat board and brush it on the board which will make it much straighter than it actually is. After brushing the hair flip over your comb and slide over your hair downwards. Use the same technique till the entire hair becomes straight. It is important to follow the directions mentioned on texturizer kit to achieve better results. The hair texturizer can be mixed and kept for some time to use it in the future.
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