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Dealing With Faded Highlights


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Adding highlights in the hair can make it look unique. But most of the time the highlights will start to fade making the hair look dull. The red highlights are known to fade very fast when compared to others highlights which is also very difficult for maintaining. You can make the hair to stay highlighted for a long time if you color it without washing the hair and always use a natural hair color. Here are few steps that can be followed to care for faded highlights.
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Begin the styling process by spreading the petroleum jelly near the hairline and mix the hair color as per the directions mentioned on the styling kit. Put a waste cloth around the shoulders to prevent the hair color from falling on your skin. Now take the highlighted sections separately using pointy handle of your rat-tailed comb to secure it in place. Wear hand gloves and keep a hair foil just below the highlighted strand of the hair and brush the hair color until it gets fully saturated. Try to wrap the foil to cover the entire hair and do the same process on the other parts of the hair from front to back of the head. Leave the hair color on as per the instructions on the styling kit and remove the hair that has been secured. Rinse the hair fully and towel dry it as usual. Give your hair deep conditioning treatment and rinse it again.
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