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Hairstyle With Micro Ring Extensions


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There are different methods that are used to add the extensions in the hair and one of them is micro ring method. Micro rings are helpful in extending your natural hair easily without sewing or adding glues. There are many advantages in using the micro rings such as it can be easily added in the hair, there is no threat of causing damage to the natural hair.
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First wash the hair using a shampoo and try to use a conditioner as usual. This will help to keep the hair moisturized during the styling process and you can add the extensions easily on the hair. Divide the hair as four different parts and keep it in place using hair clips. Now push the needle inside micro ring tubes to make the needle reach on the other side. Now take one inch section of the hair to divide into small parts. Try to slide your hair into micro ring tube from part of the hair. Take a part of your extension to add it into ring tube and make sure to work with one part of the hair at a time. Take closer tool for flattening your micro ring to close the tube by adding the hair extension to your natural hair. Use the same technique on the remaining part of the hair and try to cover the micro rings by leaving small section at the font as it is. Now you can style the hair as per your desire.
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