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Shingled Haircut


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There are different hairstyles that can give a unique look to your hair. One of such hairstyle is the shingled haircut which was worn during the 1920s. This hairstyle is also worn by few people in the present day to get a unique look. It can be matched with a proper outfit along with other hair accessories. Get help from a hairstylist while creating this hairstyle as you will be using scissors to cut the hair in this way. Get proper practice before starting the hairstyle process at home and keep all the styling tools ready achieve it in a perfect way.
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This hairstyle is considered to be a jazz style where the hair will be cut short at the back of the head and the hair at the front will be left long to cover the ear. It can be worn along with blunt and straight bangs that will help to cover the ear at a 90 degree angle. This haircut is also created as an eye-framing as well as cheek bone-framing hairstyle. The shingled style was worn by the people who use to have a thick or thin hair. The hair will be combed neatly on your ears along with curls. You can also create small ringlets which can be included within long sections of the hair and it will just fall over your ear. Try to style the hair with special accessories that have been made for this type of hairstyle.
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