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Straight Perm Hair Naturally


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Getting natural straight perm is the best method to prevent damage to the hair. Most of the people will use chemicals to straighten their hair, but it has a risk of exposing your hair to various chemicals. There are few people who like to use extreme heat for straightening the hair as they can be done soon when compared to a natural process. Here is a simple and easy to method to straighten the hair without using any type of chemicals that can consume a little more time.
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First wash the hair before conditioning it and dry the hair using a towel. Then separate the hair to create two individual ponytails and brush the hair at the crown without touching the bangs. Try to twist your hair near the crown till it becomes taut and secure the hair in place. Now separate the left out hair on the left side right side and twist both of them around itself. Keep the sections behind the ear using bobby pins smooth out the curls. Take clip out of your hair on the crown to separate it into left as well as right sections. Twist both the sections again and secure it behind the ears just like before. Make sure that your twist looks similar to twisted hair near nape of the neck. Now use a scarf to wrap around the hair and leave the hair dry on its own without using any heating tools.
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