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Taking Care Of Backcombed Dreads


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New dreadlocks can be created with the backcombing process after parting the hair as sections. There are few hairstylists who use dread wax on the new locks, but it can be created without using any styling products. You can use any method to create the dreads, but it is important to maintain it in a proper way. Try to keep the hair dry before starting the backcombing to prevent damage to the hair.
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First wash the locks using a dreadlock shampoo and make sure to remove the buildup from the hair. Then mist the dreadlocks at the midpoint till the end of the hair using salt-water hairspray. Avoid using the hairspray on the scalp as it can make the hair dry and itchy. Try to wrap the dreads with microfiber towel and use a hood dryer to dry the hair. Backcomb the dreads using a fine-toothed comb and move it from end to roots of the hair with short strokes. Try to push the dreads up during each stroke to create a puffy ball looking teased hair. Spread a little amount of hair gel over the dreadlocks and try to roll each of them back and forth with your hands. This will make the puffy hair at the end to become straight and lie flat on top of the head. Take a bandana to cover the hair which will help to keep them compressed. The baby dreadlocks can be protected by using the bandana.
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