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Hairstyle With Lazy Curls


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Having a hairstyle with lazy curls can give a simple as well as grand look. This hairstyle is worn by most of the people who like to create curls in their hair. It is one of the best special occasion hairstyle that can be worn for a wedding. Those who have a naturally curly hair must use a blow dryer along with round brush to make it straight. This hairstyle can look perfect only if you have straight hair.
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To get this hairstyle, first try to wash the hair using a normal shampoo and condition it. Then brush the hair to take out the tangles and apply volumizing mousse all over. You can use large barrel iron for creating loose curls as well as waves. Now make a part at the middle and divide two inch part of the hair to wind it in the barrel curling iron. Keep the curling iron just vertically from the face along with hair for about 10-15 seconds and gently release the hair to form the loose curls. Use the same technique on the other parts of the hair to create same type of curls. Leave the hair for some time to become cool and style it as per your desire using the fingers. Avoid pulling the hair too much as it can spoil the look and make your hair look straighter. At last use a spray to mist the hair to end the styling process.
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