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Making Hair Roots Look Lighter


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Those who like to style their hair with light colors will face problems like dark roots which can give a very bad look. There are different ways you can treat this problem without going to a hairs specialist. Try to highlight the hair in between the color applications and use the hair product that can lighten the hair temporarily.

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To achieve this look, first take a half cup lemon juice along with one cup water to use it on the roots and sit out under the sun. Then use a shampoo to wash the hair as usual. You can also try to use one cup hydrogen peroxide on the roots before going to bed in the night and try to saturate your roots. Keep shower cap on the head and wash it in the morning to style as usual. This will help to lighten the hair gradually, but it must be done several times till you get the desired shade. Another option is using temporary crayon by combing the hair as per the directions written on the kit. This will make the hair roots to look lighter without changing the color of your hair. Mist the hair using a shinning product over the roots to make the hair to lie flat reflecting the light to make the hair look much lighter. Hydrogen peroxide can make the hair look sticky try to avoid it while using it on the hair while going out.
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