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Straighten Hair Using Round Brush


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There are different ways you can straighten the hair and one of the method is using a round brush. It is one of the simple process that can be used along with a blow dryer to make the hair fully straight. Even though this technique is considered to consume more time than other process, but it can give a beautiful looking hair. It is important to dry the hair fully while using a round brush along with the blow dryer or the hair will become frizz. Apply the styling serum all over the hair before using the blow dryer.
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To make the hair straight, first spread a small amount of serum all over the hair once it becomes fully dry after washing. Try to apply the serum from end of the hair and move towards the scalp. Use your fingers to spread the hair product throughout the hair evenly. Now use a blow dryer to dry the hair and keep it slightly damp. Next secure the hair and leave the section at the back of the head loose. Try to glide a round brush starting from root to the end of the hair along with blow dryer. Move to the crown of the head after the hair becomes fully dry. Once you reach at the front of your head secure the hair at the sides and take the bottom parts loose. Use the same method till you go to the top of your head.
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