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Greaser Haircut


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A greaser haircut has been popular from the 1950s and it is still worn by some of them people in the present. This hairstyle can give a completely new look and it can be worn with any type of hair. There is no need to get help from a hairstylist to achieve this look as you can do this at home with few simple styling tools. If you are doing this for the first time get help from a friend as you must cut the hair using sharp scissors to achieve this look.
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Start the styling by clipping your hair using a pair of scissors near base of your neck. Use the blades on nape of your neck and move on top of your head. Try to keep your hair which is at the back three inches long and even the front hair that will be used for combing it in a greaser style. Try to cut the hair near the ears as well as the sides of the head. The greaser hair will be cut a little shorter at the sides when compared to back and front of the head. Now dampen your hair and add a small amount of pomade all over the hair. Try to rub apply the pomade gently throughout the hair and brush it up as well as back for creating the greaser look. This look can be worn for casual event and it can look good when matched with a proper outfit.
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