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Hairstyle With Yellow Color


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Hair can be colored in different colors and you can use a yellow color to make the hair look completely unique. There are various methods that can be used to color the hair in this way, but the easy way is using a Kool-Aid which can add a very unique look to your hair. Before following this method make sure to practice it on the strand of your hair.
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First purchase a Kool-Aid kit and mix it along with a conditioner. Then add few drops vinegar into your conditioner paste and dampen the hair completely. Use a petroleum jelly around the hairline to keep the hair color away from the skin. Apply hair conditioner paste on the hair after wearing hand gloves and cover the hair using a shower cap. Make sure that your hair has been cover with the mixture evenly for better results. Leave the hair as it is for about 4 hours and rinse the hair as usual till the water comes out clean. Then dry the hair using a towel and maintain the hair in the same way for few days. The hair color will start to fade away gradually after few weeks and you can use the same method to achieve the color back. If you want to remove the hair color soon, wash the hair with a shampoo and rinse it using warm water. Leave the mixture on the hair for some more time if you want to achieve dark looking hair.
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