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Scrunchie Hair Bun


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A scrunchie hair bun can be a perfect hairstyle for a formal event. This hairstyle can be achieved very easily without putting more pressure on the hair. It is a simple looking bun that can be made more attractive by adding hair accessories. There are different types of scrunchie that are available which can be selected for creating the best hairstyle with your hair. It is one of the simple and easy to achieve hairstyle that can look completely beautiful.
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Begin your hairstyling by simple brushing the hair and use a small amount of hair moisturizer in your hands to spread it all over the hair. Secure the hair with a holder after creating a ponytail and insert the scrunchie just like using a normal hair band. Try to press the scrunchie firmly on the head which will make it tight and also look neat. Now separate the ponytail such as on top and at the bottom. Move your head forward to make the ponytail stay in place. Try to tuck ends of the hair just under the scrunchie or you can also leave them to fall around the bun to create a messy look. If you want to make the hair look different try to use large sock around your bun and tuck the ends of the hair under the sock. Avoid using any hairspray to mist the hair at last as it can spoil the entire look of your hairstyle.
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