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Using Shampoo To Straigten Your Hair


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There are different techniques that can be used for straightening the hair and one of the simple way is using a shampoo. You can use a shampoo on the hair when it is still dry which will make the hair straight without going to a hair specialist. Here is a way to straighten the hair using the shampoo. You can a small amount of conditioner with the shampoo which will help in nourishing the hair even after blow drying it. Avoid using too much shampoo on the hair as it can make the hair will get a bad look. Use must wash the hair with warm as well as cold water during this process.
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Use moisturizing shampoo until you get lather in the hair from end to the root and leave it on for about half an hour. Then rinse the hair until the hair becomes fully clean and use a moisturizing conditioner all over the hair to work it over the roots. Then rinse your hair again with cool water and mix it with half teaspoon moisturizing shampoo in a spray bottle. Shake the bottle to mix it completely and brush the hair to remove the tangles all over. Blow dry the hair with low setting and mist the solution all over the head. Avoid blow drying the hair and leave your shampoo as well as water solution to become dry and make sure that your hair is straight during the drying process.
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