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Add Hair Volume With Blow Dryer


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There are different techniques that can be used to add volume to the hair and one of the most common method is the blow drying process. This is a very simple process that can be done at home without using any special tools. There are also many hairstylists who follow the same method to add volume to their client’s hair. You can use a round hair brush along with the bow dryer during the styling process and do not over brush the hair as it can spoil the look.
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Start the styling after washing the hair with a normal shampoo. Then condition the hair as usual and cover the hair with a towel. Leave the hair as it is for about 10 minutes and remove the towel from the hair. Next brush the hair gently from the end and apply a small amount of protective lotion all over the hair which will help in protecting the hair during the blow drying process. Now you can bed the head upside down brush the hair and start the blow drying process. You can also blow dry the hair by keeping the upward to add extreme volume and avoid over drying the hair. Try to blow dry the hair at the bottom and move all the way up toward the root of the hair. Make sure to use the blow dryer underneath each part of the hair and brush the hair at the end during this process.
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