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Creating Rolls With Short Hair


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Having short hair can give a hard time while styling the hair and if you are creating rolls with the short hair is considered to be a difficult process. Short hair usually offers very less styling options and you can make it look beautiful by creating rolls in the hair. There is no need to use any special styling tools to achieve this look as it can be done by just using a hair roller and it can be done without any help.
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To create rolls with short hair, comb the hair using a damp brush to remove the knots completely and divide the hair as three different parts such top and two sides of the head. Secure each of them in place using clips and separate each part into smaller parts. Start working from front of the head and move at the back. Take the hair clip from the small part and use medium size hot roller on top of your hair. Make sure to place the roller in front of your hair and toward the face. Try to roll the hair down till you reach base of the head and try to keep roller on the head directly. Secure the roller along with your hair clip and use the same technique on the other parts of the hair. Leave the hair rollers on the hair for about 15 minutes and brush the hair gently after taking out from the roller.
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