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Styling Hair With Babushka


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Babushka is usually worn by older women to cover their hair. But you can also use it on your hair to create a unique look. It is available in different range of colors and designs. This one can be a perfect choice to use it on the head during a bad hair day. It is a very simple and easy process to create the Babushka with a piece of fabric. There is no need for getting help from a friend or hairstylist to achieve this look. Just get some practice before using it regularly on the head to make it look good on your hair. Here are few simple steps that can be used to wear a Babushka to style the hair.
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First take the fabric and try to fold it into half to form a triangle shape. Try to adjust folded edge of the scarf over middle of the forehead and keep it centered. Now start wrapping both the corners to the side on the head and move it around. Tie both the corners of the fabric in double knot near the back of the head and tuck center corner of the scarf in the place where both corners of the square meet just under the double knot. Try to adjust height of your fabric as per your desire on top of the forehead. Now you must pull center corner of the fabric under back knot to get into the look.
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