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Taking Care Of Overdone Highlights


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Highlights can be the best choice to create unique looking hairstyle and it can be used on any type of hair. But over using highlights can spoil the look of your hairstyle. It is important use a safe method while styling the hair with highlights. Before highlighting the hair try to wash it with clarifying shampoo which can help to remove the buildup in the hair.
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If you have a blonde hair try to correct it by using a semi permanent hair color. Make sure that it must be at least one shade darker when compared overdone hair highlights color. Use medium golden hair color for highlighting the hair and avoid using too much ash color as it can make your hair look green. Using warm color on the hair can make it look brassy. Use the hair color by mixing it to a consistent color and use it on smaller part of the hair which has been overdone with the highlights. Apply hair color with the help of a coloring hair brush to solve the problem. You can also use the hair color directly on the hair with the hair brush and use your fingers to hold the hair during this process. Leave the hair with the color as it is for the time mentioned on the the styling kit and then wash the hair using a normal shampoo. You must rinse the hair till the water comes out clean and then condition it properly.
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