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Bow Hairstyle


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A bow hairstyle can be worn for a special event as it is considered to give a unique look. This hairstyle can be created only on a medium to lengthy hair and in case your hair is too thin use hair extensions to make the hair long. You can attach the extensions along with your natural hair and stick it using hot glue without touching your original hair.
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To create a bow hairstyle, first comb the hair and divide a section to create the bow look. Keep this divided section of the hair separately using hair elastics and create a simple ponytail. Use another elastic about two inches over the first and try to keep it slightly loose. The hair in between your two elastics must be used to create the knot in the bow. Next fold your ponytail and bulge your hair in between the hair elastics facing front of the head. Hold second elastic into your hair behind first elastic and it must be kept near your scalp using bobby pins. Now separate the ponytail as two separate parts in equal size and comb the hair from one of the part to roll it in tube of hair. Secure this part of the hair using bobby pin near the hair elastics and use the same technique on the other part of the hair. At last use a hairspray to spritz all over the hair to keep the hairstyle in place.
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