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Removing Brass Tones From Hair


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Brass hair tomes can be found on blonde as well as brunette colored hair. Most of the people will go to a hairstylist to solve this problem, but it is not such a serious issue as it can be treated at home. The most important thing in treating brassy tomes is conditioning the hair with a proper hair conditioner.
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Start the hairstyling by washing the hair using clarifying shampoo to remove the excess product from your hair. You must also wash the hair using purple tone or blue tone shampoo at least once in a week which will help to balance the shade very easily. Purchase the tone shampoo after consulting a hairstylist to prevent damage to the hair. Try to using a color protecting shampoo to wash the hair and just rinse the hair before conditioning it. Use a little amount of thick hair conditioner on the hair that has undergone color treatment. Leave the conditioner on the hair for about 5 minutes and rinse it using cold water. You can also use a toner on the hair which can help to lighten the brass tones in the hair. In case all these technique fails to provide the best result to your hair, you must try to color the hair again. Select the hair color that ashy shade to make the hair slight grayish to counteract the brassy tones. You can also color the hair with brownish undertone to prevent brassy tones in the hair.
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