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Twisty Bun With Short Hair


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Having a short hair can give a difficult time for most of the people as it cannot be styled as per their desire. But you can create a twisty bun with the short hair that is not known by many. This hairstyle can be a perfect choice for those who perform ballet dancing. There are also many teens who would like to style their hair in this manner even if they have a short hair. Here are few things that must be used to style the hair in this way. There is no need to use any special accessories to achieve this look and you can do this with daily used hairstyling tools.
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Start the hairstyling with a damp hair and create a normal ponytail to secure it using hair bands. Now separate your hair in the ponytail as two different parts and try to twist it around each other for making a rope braid. Keep the end of your braid secured using another band. Now fold end of your braid just under the braid and against base of your ponytail for making the braided bun. Keep the bun in place with hair pins and make sure that the pins are of same color as your hair is. At last mist the hair bun using a spray which will help to prevent flyaways and also keep it in place for a long time. Add a ribbon or other hair accessories to make this hairstyle look unique.
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