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Using Hairspray To Straighten Hair


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Hair straightening is normally done by following various styling techniques, but one of the best and most simple method is using a hairspray. Straightening the hair by going to a hairstylist can be costly and purchasing styling tools can also be much expensive. Hairspray is considered to be most effective in maintaining the hair straight as long as you can by just spraying it on the hair. Selecting the hairspray to make the hair straight is a very important process in this technique depending upon the hair type, so consult a hairstylist before using it on the hair.
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Begin the styling process by just misting the hair with low hold hairspray along with a conditioner. Then comb the hair to get rid of tangles with the help of a wide toothed hair brush. Start blow drying the hair as usual and use the same method on other sections of the hair. This process can be completed very soon depending upon the hair type. You must brush the hair and mist it with a spray to remove the knots. Try to use clips to keep the hair divided and finally use a flat iron all over the hair after checking that the knots have been fully removed. Try to practice using the flat iron on one of the strands of the hair before using it on the entire section. While brushing the hair avoid pulling it too much as it can damage the hair easily.
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