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Hairstyle With A Toupee


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There are various hairstyles that can be created with your natural hair, but styling in such a way can be harmful to the hair. Instead of styling the hair like this you can just use toupees which are available in number of choices. It is important to maintain the toupee in a proper way to make it look natural.
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Before wearing the toupee you must clean your scalp by washing it properly. Then dry the head completely and add a small amount of waterproof sealant. Now you can use the toupee tape just below your toupee near the base close to outer edge. Try to remove backing off strips to make the tape attach to the scalp. Now mist the scalp with alcohol-based hairspray which will keep the toupee to stay in place. You must keep the toupee on the head by adding little pressure on each place of your head where the tape has been used. Mist the toupee using water and then use a small amount of conditioner. Leave the toupee as it is as per the instructions mentioned on it and take it from back to the front. You can just use the fingers to take out the base of the toupee off the scalp and do not pull it hard as it completely remove the toupee out of your head. You can also use an adhesive remover to take out the toupee from the head only if required.
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