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Maintaining Straight Perm To Stay Longer


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A straight perm is a hair straightening process that can keep the hair straight at least for one year. But you can maintain the hair in this manner for a longer time by just maintaining it in a proper way. Even though this process may be a little expensive when compared to other straightening process, it can make your stay straight for a long time. Try to consult a hairstylist before using hair color after the perming process and get deep conditioning treatment in case the hair is damaged.
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It is important to start the styling only after 2-3 days once you get the perming done on the hair. Also avoid using hair bands or clips during this period on the hair as it can spoil the perming process. Begin the styling process by washing the hair using a standard shampoo after going through the straight perm process. Make sure to create lather in the hair with your shampoo and start applying the hair product on the hair such as near the hairline, near your ears and top of the neck. Then rinse the hair completely and get a proper conditioning treatment when the hair is still damp. Now gently rub the hair using a towel to remove the moisture and use leave-in conditioner on the hair. Next blow dry the hair using a blow dryer to maintain the hair straight. At last style the hair as usual after the scalp becomes fully dry.
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