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Making Demi Permanent Color Fade Away


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A demi permanent color can be the best option to style the hair to look different. Even though it can give a beautiful look to your hair most of the people would want to remove it after applying it on the hair. Instead of removing the demi permanent color from your hair try to make it fade away more quickly without using any special styling techniques.
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First wash the hair using warm water along with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of unwanted buildup and deposits from your hair. Take one tsp baking soda along with one tbsp peroxide to apply it over the hair. Make sure to apply the shampoo on the roots to the end of the hair and rinse the hair as usual. Cover the hair with a towel and use a clarifying conditioner all over the hair. Now rinse the hair again using warm water and dry your hair as usual. Do not apply more pressure to remove the water from the hair using a towel as it can make the hair strip out. You must wash the hair at least once in two days and use the same procedure again to maintain the hair in a proper way. It is important to dry the hair with towel before using the conditioner on the hair to make it enter into the hair follicles. The chlorine water from the tap can also be helpful in fading the demi permanent hair color very easily.
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