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Methods To Wrap A Short Hair


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Hair wraps can be used on the textured hair to create straight hairstyles. There is no need to use any type of heating tools to style the hair with these wraps. You can simple wrap the hair between the relaxers and stretch the new hair growth. The hair wraps can be used on any type of hair starting from long to short. Wrapping short hair can be done to get a completely sleek look by following this simple and easy method.
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Begin the styling by washing the hair as usual and use a leave-in conditioner all over. Using wrapping lotions can be a perfect choice for wrapping the hair which is short without slipping out of the natural hair. Then brush the hair straight down in circular motion and try to smooth the wrap using a small amount of wrap lotion to keep it in place. Leave the wrap lotion on the hair from front to back of the head and try to smooth it downwards. Use a hooded dryer on the hair for about one hour till the hair wrap becomes fully dry. At last add a small amount of serum on the hair to massage it gently to make the wrap loose and brush the wrap to style it as per your desire. Using wrap lotion is a very important process in this styling technique as it can add shine and also soften the hair once it becomes completely dry.
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