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Treating Burnt Hair With Moisturizer


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Moisturizing a normal hair can be done as usual just like styling the hair. In case your hair is burnt try to add more attention while moisturizing it to prevent from further damage. A burnt hair usually occurs due to various reasons such as using hairstyling tools that produce heat and more. There is no need to panic while treating a burnt hair as it can be done at home without even getting any suggestions from any hair specialist. Before using the moisturizers on the hair avoid using the styling tool that was the reason behind your burnt hair.
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The burnt hair can be moisturized very easily first take about 8 ounces almond oil along with three drops chamomile as well as rosemary essential oil. Try to warm the mixture with low heat and try to apply it over the hair when it is still damp. Use plastic bag on the hair when the mixture is still on and leave it for about 30 minutes. You can also use therapeutic shampoo which has been specially made to moisturize the hair. The moisturizing shampoo must feature vitamins along with micro oils that have been made to hydrate the hair. Always wash the hair only once during the day because washing more than once can remove natural oils from it. Do not panic when the hair gets burnt smell and find out the reason that caused this problem before proceeding with the moisturizing process.
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