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Coloring Hair With Henna


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Henna is used for various purpose and most of the women use it to color the hair. It is a natural and permanent hair color that can provide auburn to red color. You can also use the henna to make the hair softer as well as stronger. It can also help to prevent split ends and make the hair look rich in red color. Here are few steps that can be used to color the hair with Henna. Make sure to purchase the Henna from a recognized store as there is commercial Henna that contains chemicals and applying it on the hair can be harmful.
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To color the hair with Henna, take the Henna in a bowl and mix it along with lemon juice. Leave the hair to mixture overnight by covering it with a plastic wrap. You can use more lemon juice with the mixture in the morning and brush the hair fully before using the mixture. Make sure to wear hand gloves and divide the hair into half inch near bottom of your scalp. Start applying the mixture on the hair part by part until all of your hair has been coated with the Henna mixture. Now take the entire hair on top to cover it using a plastic wrap. Leave the henna on the hair for about 2-4 hours to make it dry. Then take the plastic wrap from your head and rinse the hair as usual using shampoo.
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