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Double Strand Short Twist


double strand short twist double strand short twist2
A double strand hair twist is usually created with medium sized hair, but you can do it if you have a short hair. This hairstyle will look almost similar to dreadlocks with twits. Those who have naturally curly, wavy or coarse hair can create this hairstyle very easily. In this hairstyle you must twist two strands of the hair to each other to achieve the look. As you are creating this hairstyle with short hair you can only small twist in the hair. Just use this method to get this look without going to hair specialist.
double strand short twist3 double strand short twist4

double strand short twist5 double strand short twist6
Start the styling by washing the hair properly and brush it as usual. Then dry the hair with a blow dryer and part it as small sections. Next spread a generous amount of gel all over the hair to keep it in place. Now take a small part of the hair to divide it into another two equal sections. Star twisting the hair by holding the hair with your hands as well as pointing finger. Secure the hair in place using hair clip at the end and use the same technique on the other sections of the hair. Now use a blow dryer on the hair that has been twisted or leave it to dry for about half an hour to make the hair dry completely. Take the hair clips out of the twist and place a cap on top of your twist to make it lay down.
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