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Methods To Straighten A Frizzy Hair


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Having a frizzy hair can give a hard time for most of the women as the hair will not stay in place. Instead of treating the frizzy hair you can simple make it straight to achieve the hairstyle that you are looking for. Hair can become frizzy due to various reasons and one of the main reasons is due to humid climates. You must be using flat iron to style the hair in this way so be careful not to use it for a long time on the hair as it can cause damage. Always use a heat protector on the hair before using any type of heat styling tools.
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First wash the hair before applying a moisturizing conditioner and dry it using a towel. Then apply an anti-frizz serum all over the hair and brush the hair with the help of a hair dryer along with large-barrel round brush in medium setting. Once the hair gets dry mist it with a heat protecting spray. Try to separate the hair using flat iron and secure it from root to end of the section. Brush through the hair to make it flat and use the same technique on the other parts of the hair. Now mist the hair with a spray and use flexible hold to keep the hair straight. Then spritz the hair again and in case you going to a hot place wear a hat or scarf to cover the head.
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