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Soften Hair Without Conditioning


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The hair can be kept soft by conditioning it properly, but you can also do this without a conditioner. It is important to condition the hair regularly to keep it healthy and some of them want to maintain their hair without any hair products. In case you are planning to color the hair, get help from a professional hairstylist and avoid using home color packages as they can make the hair dry.
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The most important thing while avoiding hair conditioner is to visit hairstylist on regular basis to get a haircut. Haircut can give increase the volume in the hair and make it look softer. You can also use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair type and use a towel to make the hair dry. Try to use the shampoo that has specially made to use on oily hair. Don’t rub the towel while drying your hair as it can make the hair to break. You can just wrap the towel on the hair instead of rubbing it while drying the hair. Use a shine hair gel when the hair is still wet and brush it completely to achieve soft looking curls all over the head. Try to comb the hair gently when it is slightly damp and stay away from hair products that have alcohol as it can make the hair look frizzy. Try to use a little amount of lotion over the ends to prevent the frizzy look.
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