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Hairstyle With Step Cut


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A step cut is a unique way of cutting the hair which can also help to increase the volume in your hair. This hairstyle is mostly created on men’s hair, but now a days women also use it to create a unique look. It is a haircut that is mostly done at a saloon and you can also do this at home if you are good at cutting the hair.
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First wash your hair and brush it through at the back of your head. Now take about an inch of hair from the crown in front of the eyes and cut it using sharp scissors from outer edges in a straight line. Make sure that you cut the hair in a straight line and brush this section for checking whether it is in a straight line. Next brush the sides of your hair to cut it in the same way similar to first cut. Now you can comb all these strands at the back of your head which will fall as multiple layers. Continue to comb the hair in strands on the side of the head and cut it in a straight line just like the first cut and avoid pulling too much of hair as it can spoil your look. Make sure to use sharp scissors to cut the hair and keep your head straight during this process. Try to keep your hair slightly damp when you cut it and finally dry it with a blow dryer.

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