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Short Hair Curls


short hair curls short hair curls2
Creating a curly hair can give a classic look without putting any effort. It is very easy to create beautiful curls in the hair without going to a stylist by sitting at home. You can also achieve this look if you have a short hair and it can be easily kept in place naturally. There is no need to use any type of styling tools to get this look as you can do this using a curling pin.
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Start the styling with a wet hair which can help to keep the hairstyle in place once the hair becomes dry. Then take a small part of the hair on top and secure it in place. Now take the bottom part of the hair and mist the roots with a spray. Try to curl the hair starting from end of the hair making a circle and tuck hair ends under the circle while rolling the hair to make smooth circle. Next secure the curls on your head using curling pins and make sure that the ends of your hair are tucked in carefully. Continue to secure the curls using curling pins all around the head and leave all of them to dry on their own. After the hair gets completely dry take out the curling pins that were used to secure the hair. End the styling process by misting the hair with a spray and match it with a proper outfit to look good.

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