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Straight Hair And Messy Bun


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There are many hairstyles that can be created with a straight hair, but the most simple is creating a bun. This hairstyle is worn by most of the women which includes many celebrities. Creating a bun with a straight hair can give a simple as well as beautiful look and you can also make it look messy for achieving a unique look. A straight hair has been considered to be the best choice by many to create a messy look. The hair which is naturally straight can be used to create a messy bun perfectly and if you are straightening the hair with a flat iron try to make the hair look messy using your hands.
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It is important to wash the hair a day before starting the styling process as a newly washed hair can spoil the look of your hairstyle. This will help to keep the natural oil in the hair which can be useful while creating the messy effect. Then apply a small amount of serum all over the hair to get rid of flyaways and make sure it is distributed throughout the hair in a proper way. Then take the entire hair on top of the head to twist it for creating a simple ponytail. Try to coil your hair around to form a bun and keep it in place using a elastic. Now mist the hair slightly with a finishing spray and brush it using your fingers.

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