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Styling Hair With Overnight Crimps


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Creating overnight crimps can be a perfect way to style the hair without wasting more time. There are many ways you can style the hair, but this is a completely different way to style it. Most of the people will use a electrical crimpers to style their hair with crimps, but this method is more gentle to create this look. You must start the styling with a dry hair and don’t braid the hair tightly.
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First comb your hair with the help of a paddle brush and add a little amount of hair serum all over the hair. Then divide your hair as different sections which will be used for the crimping process. If you want to create tight crimps take the hair about one inch in size and for creating loose crimps take your entire hair to place on the shoulder. Next separate your hair section into three different parts vertically parallel to each another. Now lift your hair section from left side on the middle and take the right section on the middle. Use this method till your braid the length of your hair. Keep the braid ends secured in place by just wrapping it using a elastic at the bottom and leave it to set in the night. Take the elastic out of the hair in the next day morning using your fingers and spritz all over the hair using a finishing spray to keep the hairstyle in place.

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