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Taking Care Of Tangles In Synthetic Hair


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Synthetic extensions are the best way to increase the length of your hair. Even though it is little expensive it can be used to style the hair in different ways. The synthetic hair extensions must also be taken care properly or it may become tangled reducing the life of it. It is very important to care for your synthetic hair extensions to maintain it in a proper way for a long time and avoid using too much of styling products.
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First wash and condition the hair as usual with the products specially made for the synthetic hair extensions. Then comb the synthetic hair using synthetic hairbrush and start it from end of your hair. Gently move up near the root and take the next section to do the same with it. Continue to brush the hair gently towards the hair shaft till you go the hair roots to make it tangle free. Then secure the hair at the back during the night using a hair tie before going to bed to prevent tangles. You can also sleep on the silk covered pillow during the night times to reduce the tangles while turning. It is the best way to use it on the hair that is no long enough. Avoid using extreme heat on the hair as it can cause damage to your synthetic hair. Also stay away from hair colors as well as perms as they can severely damage the synthetic hair.

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