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Bone Straight Hairstyle


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Pressing comb is one of the best to create a bone straight hair without putting any effort during the styling process. There are two types of pressing combs such as electric pressing combs and cordless pressing combs. This product is mainly used by professional hairstylists and it is involves less risk of hair burning as you can control its temperature. Adjusting the temperature of your comb is very important in this process or you may damage the hair with heat. Try to wipe the pressing comb with a cloth before using it on the hair as it can leave burn marks. Avoid using the comb more than once to prevent damage to the hair.
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First select a pressing comb that has temperature indicator and use it with the temperature setting 300 degrees F. Divide the hair as one inch wide part and clean the comb using a dry cloth. Reduce the temperature by about 25 degrees and leave it for five minutes. You can straighten the hair using the back of your comb from the roots by sliding it till the end of the hair. Try to keep the ends o the hair in your hand during the straightening process. Now you must wrap your comb on the hair to make the ends straight. Next increase the temperature of your comb by 10-15 degrees to straighten a section multiple times. Then take another part of the hair to use the same technique to make it straight.

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