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Hairstyle With Banana Clips


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Banana clips are used for styling the hair in different ways. Most of the people like to style their hair in various styles and using a banana clip can be the best choice to do this. It is also available in different materials such as plastic and metal.
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Before using banana clip make a hairstyle such as a bun and keep it in place using bobby pins. You can also take the entire hair back to create a ponytail and keep it in place using an elastic holder. You can use the banana clip to create your own hairstyle and try to keep your hairstyle in place properly. Take the banana clip in the hand to squeeze it for pushing together as the claw open and the teeth can help to keep the clip in place on the head. After opening your clip, handle in gently as you can break it open with additional pressure. Try to use the banana clip vertically on the hair and the teeth must fit on your hairstyle. Just release the handle to clamp your clip. To use it on the ponytail try to loop long hair in its base to make the end move upward at the crown. Keep your hair in place using the hand and clamp the clip shut with other hand. Now you can make any adjustment required and mist all over the hair with a small amount of hold spray to keep the hairstyle in place.

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