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Hairstyle With Claw Clip Extensions


claw clip ponytail7 claw clip ponytail8

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A ponytail is a simple hairstyle that is worn by many people all over the world. This hairstyle can be created on any type of hair, but it is important that the length of the hair medium to long. In case you have a short hair just add a claw clip extension to achieve this look. These extensions usually need little time for adding them with your hair and it can be worn for any special occasion. This hairstyle will give a look that has been taken lot of time to create, but it can be achieved within minutes with practice.
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First get a claw clip ponytail extension from a store that is suitable for your hair. It is available in different ranges such as lengths, colors and more. Then pull the hair using a brush to create a ponytail and secure it in place using a elastic band. You can create the ponytail low or high on top of the head. Now take the claw clip ponytail extension and open its clip to add it with the ponytail. You must release top of your clip to attach it with your natural hair. Try to cover the natural hair as well as the elastic band using the hair extension. The claw of the hair extension will be covered as usual and you can try to adjust the clip as per your desire. It is important to style the hair extension and then add it with your natural hair.


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