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Methods To Detangle A Dreadlock


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Dreadlocks are considered to get tangled very easily if you fail to maintain it in a proper way. There are different steps that can be sued to detangle the dreadlocks, but deep conditioning and combing the hair gently is very important. The detangling process can consume more time depending upon the thickness of the hair. While washing the hair try to condition it always to make the detangling process easier and use several combs to brush the hair easily. It can be difficult for those who are detangling their dreadlocks for the first, so better get help from a friend to do the process very easily.
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To start the process, first add hot water in a bathtub to soak the dreads by lying back for about ten minutes. Then use a shampoo to create lather in the locks and rinse the hair using hot water. Try to apply a deep conditioner that is silicone-based to massage on the hair and leave it on for some time. Then mist the hair with a conditioner and make sure to spread it all over the hair. Then brush the dreadlock using a fine-tooth comb from end to root of the hair. Make sure to take one dreadlock at a time to work with by using hair conditioner water. Wash the hair after the dreadlocks have been untangled. Try to give a deep conditioning treatment as well as cut the hair which has inevitable split ends.

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