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Point Cut Hair For Texture


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A point cut is unique way of cutting the hair that can be done to add texture in your hair. In this haircut, you can make the air to allow into the hairstyle that can help to add volume as well as movement in the hair. Try to get help from a hairstylist if you are new to the point cutting process to prevent damage to the hair.
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Before starting the styling process, decide about the length of the hairstyle you want to have. Then wash and condition the hair as usual before brushing it using a standard comb. Next cut the hair as per your desire and try to create layers. Now mist your hair with water and wrap the hair into twists if before moving onto the next part of the hair. If you are creating a shorter haircut, avoid twisting the hair. Take the strands of the hair to align it in a proper way and keep it in between the index and middle fingers. Start cutting the hair by pointing the scissors toward the fingers and make sure to cut the ends of the hair. Use the same method on the other parts of the hair till you get the desired length. At last brush the hair to style it and the line of the haircut must look good or you have to cut it in a proper way. Try to keep the layers of your hair looking good with the hairstyle.

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