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Steps To brigten Hair Color


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There are various colors that can be used on the hair to make it look unique, but to make it much brighter you can must use natural hair colors. Most of the women like to make their hair look brighter by going to a hair specialist and it can be done at home without putting any special effort. There are different ways involved in brightening the hair using natural colors.
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If you have a blonde hair try to use lemon as well as chamomile tea to make it look bright. First mix tea along with few tbsp of lemon juice to rinse the hair once in a week. Avoid styling in the hot sun after applying the lemon juice on the hair. In case you have a dark hair try using herb sage. Take half cup sage leaves in a bowl and leave it boil. Strain the sage leaves to make it cool and rinse the hair with it at least once during the week. This process can take more time to provide the desired result. Another option is using semi permanent hair color from a store to add it over the natural hair. There are different brands available in the permanent hair color that can be used to improve the shine as well as warmth in your hair without affecting the hair. In case all these process fail to provide a proper result, go to a hair specialist for better result.

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