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Dealing With Semi Fine Hair


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Having a semi fine straight hair can be difficult to style as there will be flyaways. You can easily achieve a thick looking hair by using a blow dryer to stay away from a semi fine hair. There is no need to panic if you have a semi fine hair as it can be treated very easily without using any special techniques. It is important to consult a hairstylist before doing this process on your hair sitting at home.
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You can use various hair products for treating this type of hair and to achieve a voluminous look. Use little amount of thickening cream all over the hair and proceed with the blow drying process. Try to dry the hair with low heat to prevent hair from getting damaged. Try to work through the hair from backwards and move towards the scalp to reduce the dampness. You must separate the hair into three parts during the blow drying process and dry the sections individually. Then brush the hair from root to end and apply tension to flow the air downwards in the shaft. Make sure to move the dryer and hair brush at the same time to stay away from tangles. At last dry the hair with hot air and finish it with a cold air. You can also spritz the hair with a hairspray and to make it look shiny and stay away from hair gel as they can make the hair look flat.

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