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Getting Brown Hair Naturally


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Hair can be colored with different shades to achieve a unique look, but it is important to select the right product to color the hair as you can cause damage to them. Creating a brown looking hair is not so difficult as you can do this by using a color from the store. But you can also achieve this look by treating the hair with natural colors.
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First take a cup of blackest coffee and 4-5 black tea bags. Try to mix them together and make them boil in a bowl. Leave the mixture to become cool and then take a cup of water along with one cup crushed walnut shells. Try to boil both of them in a separate bowl and include pinch of salt in it. Leave the mixture to boil for about 15 minutes and leave the shells for steeping as your mixture becomes cool. Now mix your cup of tea along with coffee and walnut shells to make the brown colored hair dye. You can also add a little amount of essential oil only if needed. Start using the brown color mixture on the hair until you get the desired color and make sure to wash the hair before applying it every time on the hair. Avoid rinsing the hair and use a shower cap on the hair. Leave the hair color to dry on its own for about 15 minutes and now you can rinse it using cold water.

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